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So, I wanted to take a road trip somewhere, and always wanted to go back to Montana de Oro to retake some previous pictures. Somehow convinced Courtney and Anthony to tag along. And so on a Sat. morning, bright and early ~8AM, we left for Santa Barbara... that's right, Santa Barbara...

Turns out Anthony went to school there so he brought us to a few beaches along the way. Wandered around the local surfing hotspots. Then got to downtown Santa Barbara and had an awesome lunch. Fried chicken and fancy herb gravy on house-made biscuits, mmmmm... k, time to get to work. Iphone, how do we get to Montana de Oro? WTF!?!?--120mi!!!

That's right... it's not in Santa Barbara... aw hell, oh well, let's do it.

So we get there as the sun is setting. It's raining. It's getting dark. A trail to the bluffs lies before us...

So I will have my adventure.
Rock Punch, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxStrangers, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxWindow Washer, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxPerspective, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxIn a Life, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxSanta Barbara Street, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxAnthony, Always, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxGushing into Montana's Womb, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxCastaway, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxNew Friends, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxBarren Uncovered, by Dean Chiang, Xyclopx

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