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So, I wanted to take a road trip somewhere, and always wanted to go back to Montana de Oro to retake some previous pictures. Somehow convinced Courtney and Anthony to tag along. And so on a Sat. morning, bright and early ~8AM, we left for Santa Barbara... that's right, Santa Barbara...

Turns out Anthony went to school there so he brought us to a few beaches along the way. Wandered around the local surfing hotspots. Then got to downtown Santa Barbara and had an awesome lunch. Fried chicken and fancy herb gravy on house-made biscuits, mmmmm... k, time to get to work. Iphone, how do we get to Montana de Oro? WTF!?!?--120mi!!!

That's right... it's not in Santa Barbara... aw hell, oh well, let's do it.

So we get there as the sun is setting. It's raining. It's getting dark. A trail to the bluffs lies before us...

So I will have my adventure.
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