Dean Chiang | Xyclopx | Benu, Nov. 2015
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Thank you Jane for a year of love through food! To celebrate, this is our first Michelin 3-Star meal. Absolutely amazing.

Please see my review @ Yelp.
Small Delicacies: Daikon PorridgeSmall Delicacies: Tuna Bone MarrowSmall Delicacies: UniSmall Delicacies: Egg YolkSmall Delicacies: AbaloneSmall Delicacies: UnknownSmall Delicacies: Pork Belly and KimchiInfused HoneyChilled Noodles, Celtuce, Shrimp Roe, Tripe, LovageLobster Coral Xiao Long BaoPine Mushroom, Gingko Nut, ChrysanthemumSablefish, Bellflower Root, Black Trumpet, Charred ScallionYam, Chestnut, Black Truffle Bun"Shark Fin", Crab, Jinhua Ham, Egg WhiteShinko PearCandy and Fruit

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