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Escape. This world, though infinitely small, is such a vast canvas of colors an texture, sometimes barren, sometimes covered in life. Saw some stuff while wandering this world, travelling here to there. Got some pics for you: just groups of some pixels of God's 10^(10^100^(10^100^(...))) Mega-WTF-pixel .jpg here.
Crescendo, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxCove under Dark Skies, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxHidden Sunset over Sea Lion Cove, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxEye of Earth, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxMorning Mesa Arch, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxEnclave of the Arch, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxLectorium of Arches, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxBalanced Darkness, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxSees to East, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxBathroom of the Heavens, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxAlive 'till Christmas, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxCastaway, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxMisty Tranquility, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxCross at Azusa Peak, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxKicking Back Under The Sun, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxDark Side Ansel Adams at Yosemite, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxBirds, Rocks, Despair, a tufa structure at Mono Lake, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxUpright, a Stiff Tufa Saluting the Sun Rise at Mono Lake, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxFortress of Solitude, a tufa structure at Mono Lake, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxDistant Fortress of Solitude, a tufa structure at Mono Lake, by Dean Chiang, Xyclopx

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