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Bay to Breakers 2014 @ San Francisco, CA.

So out of the blue my friend Zerlene, who I haven't seen in years, said hi and invited me to hang out with her friends at the parade. Looked up some pics and thought, cool!, I'm in!

I think I went to sleep ~1:30am that morning, but we had to meet up in Fremont to take the 7:20am bart, which was a ~40min drive for me, so I got like 4 1/2 hrs of sleep... sigh. Well, on the bart she handed me a pink cowboy hat... alright, I can do that, ha ha. When we arrived in SF we went to the Craftsman & Wolves and picked up some Rebel Withins (look it up!) and mmm, I was feelin' good... So we walked to her friend Hiyasmin's place and next thing I know I was wearing a tutu!!! WTF!?!? Yeah, and a pink lei too... but a tutu? Damn!...

...And then I spent the whole day mesmerized and happy, showing off my pretty tutu and robust figure to the thousands of on-watchers, completely oblivious to being a cross-dresser!...

Thank you Z, Hiyasmin, Andrew, Jesse, and all the other costumed freaky friends for making my first couple months of moving up North to the Bay Area all worth it!
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