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Independence Day
4th of July, 2014

It has been a while since my last adventure, a while since my camera captured a moment worth remembering. On this Independence Day we celebrate our people's new existence, and still looking for my own way I thought it was time to try a new road...

It was 90ish deg around where I lived in San Jose, but thinking I knew better I brought pants and a sweater just in case, as I ventured out wearing shorts and a tank top. After I stopped by Hayward for some BBQ, I headed towards The Haight of San Francisco... and it was COLD. Wow, 90deg to maybe 50deg?... WTF!??... Well, anyway, after taking some pics, I headed out to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and to scope out the Marin Headlands... and some pics later...

...So, I stood at on top of Point Cavallo from around 8pm waiting for the fireworks to start at 9:30pm, frozen, miserable. Yeah, I was in my shorts even though pants, a shirt, and hiking boots were in the trunk of my car. Sigh... As the fog rolled in, my hopes of catching an epic picture of the city under the lights of the fireworks rolled over. But as a consolation I was able to take a nice picture of the Golden Gate Bridge before the show started.

... and so I got my adventure.

And I had one realization, and just one was all that was needed to make this a great day: Independence means different things to different people, and I found one gentleman and his friends who were willing to show all those that found them what Independence meant as an American.
Flavelas of San Francisco, and a Tree, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxMannequin Staring at Me, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxWe Just Like to be Naked, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxDoor on the Golden Gate Bridge, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxCrescendo, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxSitting by Sea, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxOpaque, by Dean Chiang, XyclopxGolden Gate Bridge on a Foggy 4th of July Night, by Dean Chiang, Xyclopx

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