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East Meets West

This was the Chinese New Year Festival 2014, sponsored by Cerritos Folk Dancers (CFD), Cerritos Chinese Catholic Association (CCCA), and Folk Dance Federation of California, South, Inc.

Saturday, January 25, 2014, 1 to 6 p.m.
Holy Family Catholic Church
18708 Clarkdale Ave, Artesia, CA 90701

12:30 Registration (開始報到入席)
12:55 Lion Dance (放爆竹,舞獅)
1:00 Dance session A (大家跳)
1:26 Welcome (社長致詞 並歡迎各社團的參加)
1:28 Introducing teachers (介紹老師)
1:30 Institute (I) (Erica Goldman)
2:15 Institute (II) (Tina Lee)
3:00 Photo time (拍照)
3:10 Tea time (點心時間)
3:15 Institute (III) (Erica Goldman)
4:00 Institute (IV) (Sue Chen & Wen Chiang)
4:45 Red envelops for 1st one hundred ticket buyers (紅包)
4:50 Institute reviews & dance session B (複習,大家跳)
5:58 Thanks to teachers & guests (謝謝老師,謝謝大家)
6:00 End of party; clean up (清理場地,請CFD 社員留下來幫忙)

Ten Ten Seafood Restaurant
17901 K, Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, CA 90701
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